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How to Set up/ Use Your iPhone as WiFi Hotspot

How to Set up/ Use Your iPhone as WiFi Hotspot.

Internet has became the basic needs of every individual these days. We can definitely give up food for one time but it is impossible to live without checking your mails, social networking, texting and sharing lot of stuff over internet. However it stop our heart beating when we need internet so badly and guess what Router stops working. We end up calling our ISP (Internet Service Provider) and get to know it can’t fix immediately. In that case you can definitely turn up to your Apple iPhone.

Apple iPhone is one of the most advanced smart phone. You can do most of your work directly through iPhone such as Facebook, Emails, Chatting etc. But We all need desktop or laptop to send that important file. In that case iPhone’s Hotspot feature can save your life and you can access internet on your computer with in few simple steps as mentioned below.

Step 1:  Go To Setting on your iPhone Home Screen or you can find it under utilities. Click On It.

Home Screen iPhone
Home Screen iPhone

Step 2: Once you have settings up go to Cellular and check your Cellular Data should be ON. It’s recommended to keep Voice & Data on 3G, 4G or LTE mode for better speed and connection.


Settings Cellular iPhone
Settings – Cellular – iPhone

Step 3: If above mentioned settings looks good on your iPhone, then go to Personal Hotspot and slide the little button. Green symbol show it is ON.


Personal Hotspot iPhone
Turn On Hotspot in iPhone Settings

Now there are two ways you can take the benefits of this wonderful feature. Either you set up the wired connection to use single device such as single laptop or desktop or if you want to create a wifi hotspot the you need to follow few more steps.

Step 4: Now your hotspot shows green as On. In order to set it up as wifi hotspot your laptops or other devices need to find your iPhone under available wireless network.

It will also require the wireless key which is written as wifi password on the same window. You can also personalized this connection by putting custom key.

Personal Hotspot iPhone
Instruction Wifi HotSpot and Customer wifi password

In order to set up wifi connection go to System Preferences or Click the Wireless symbol on top to see available network it will ask you to enter the wifi key set.

Once you enter the correct key you should get connected to internet with your hotspot connection

wifi hotspot iPhone
Set up wifi hotspot iPhone

Remember you are connected through your data provider (cellular service provider). It’s not that fast as your broadband but it can certainly help you finishing your unfinished business. However you might end up paying high data charges in case your usage is high ( Download/KB)


How To Reset DNS Cache On Iphone And Ipad.

How To Reset DNS Cache On Iphone And Ipode For Enhacing the Speed Of The Internet.

If you are using a Iphone or Ipod and you need to enhance the speed of internet on your device you need to do some custom changes on your device Domain Name Server (DNS). This can be done by replacing the DNS with the faster DNS by flushing the DNS cache on the Iphone and Ipod.

This can be done by several ways from those two methods are mention below. And these methods are aplicable for the Iphone and Ipad both which are equipped with the cellular function.

Method 1: Remove The DNS Cache By Toogle The Airplane Mode on Iphone And Ipad.

This the fastest and simplest way to clear the DNS in Iphone and Ipad.

Step 1: Open the Control Panel by swipe up from the bottom of the phone.

Reset DNS Cache
Control Panel


Step 2: Enable the airplane mode by tapping on the Airplane icon and wait untill the device radio signal replace by the airplane icon.

Step 3: Disable the airplane mode by again tapping on the Airplane icon.

Step 4: Now leave the control panel by swipe down to the bottom. Now all the DNS cache wll be cleared out and the network setting will take effect no need to do any further setings.

Method 1: Remove The DNS Cache By Reset All Network Setting on Ipod And Ipad.

I personally suggest you to use the above method first if the above method doesent give you the result then you can choose this method.

Step 1: Open the Settings > General > Reset.

Step 2: Now tap on Reset Network Setting

Reset DNS Cache
Reset All Network Setting

This will reset all yours network setting and restart your phone you will loose all the settings weather that is wifi as well as cellular.