Google Local Business Listings


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What is a Google Local listing?

Google Local Listing or Google My Business was previously known as Google Places and is an online platform which allows people to find and engage with businesses in their local area. Why do you need Google Local Listing Optimization?
Whenever people in your area are searching for business in your area on Google, they will see a results page that contains Google Local business listings. These listings contain the information that users are normally looking for: the physical address with directions, phone number and business hours .In short: Google My Business can help your business/DBA shine and stand out. What are the benefits of having a Google Local Listing?
A Google Local Listing is completely free. It will drive more traffic to your website and get you new customers. Your phone number and address are displayed in your listing which allows customers to find your business/DBA quick. If done correctly your Google local listing will be displayed on the first page of Google. Mobile users will find your business/DBA immediately. You can add photos and videos to your page.